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GD Products is one of the largest suppliers of Hospitality, Catering and Cleaning supplies in the Wide Bay Region. We are pleased to offer our competitive pricing to everyone. We supply quality products in bulk, for commercial use, and also supply for general home use. You can be assured the products we supply are proven quality products and are used across a range of businesss’ and in commercial scenarios. We pride ourselves on the prompt supply of above standard products and  our stock levels are kept at high levels for instant supply.

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Whats New…

With the phasing out of single use plastic packaging to be implemented in 2021, we have decided to clear the remainder of our single use plastic Food packaging items.

If your looking for great ideas for Xmas food packaging, we have some clear food clams in assorted designs to clear.

The following items and more have been drastically reduced to clear. Pop in soon so you don’t miss out on some great food packaging savings.

  • plastic & foam cups

  • plastic clams

  • plastic cutlery

  • disposable platters

  • assorted paper napkins


Commercial Grade Ceramic Serving platter, 30cm x 30cm, slight imperfections




Huge Clearance on plastic plates and bowls.

7″ diamater, plastic bowls and plates (pack/50)…REDUCED TO CLEAR.

Perfect for picnics in the park, gatherings at home, unexpected friends dropping in…or just because you hate doing the dishes!!

Other reduced items also included-

Foam cups

Foam Trays

Food packaging

and soo much more..

Pop in store to check out the range of REDUCED TO CLEAR ITEMS before you miss out!

Trading hours 9am til 2pm Monday through to Friday


GD Products has limited assorted sizes in our hinged lid ShoBowls (pk 50). in stock and REDUCED TO CLEAR!..

Pop in to our store to view these and other assorted plastic packaging ideas,  REDUCED TO CLEAR!




With the phasing out of single use plastic packaging to be implemented in 2021, we have decided to clear the remainder of our single use plastic Food packaging items.

If your looking for great ideas for Xmas food packaging, we have some clear food clams in assorted designs to clear.

The following items and more have been drastically reduced to clear. Pop in soon so you don’t miss out on some great food packaging savings.

  • plastic & foam cups

  • plastic clams

  • plastic cutlery

  • disposable platters

  • assorted paper napkins



Adding to our NEW line of  Kraft packaging range..we now have samples for pre-order products. 

This range includes the Kraft Cardboard Bowl which is leak resistant with vented lids, ideal for Take Away and Delivery Meal services..

Suitable for Hot and Cold foods such as Soups, Stir frys, Pasta, Yoghurt and Ice Cream..
A range of sizes are now  available for pre-order. Samples to view are in store now..

With the Festive Season upon us, and the excitement of gatherings…GD Products now stock an Eco friendly range of Alfresco  food presentation boxes. These boxes are made from Natural Brown Kraft paper and are ALL food grade certified. The stylish presentation makes them ideal for hamper style gifts and presentation food. The clear PET presentation lid fits snugly which makes it a reliable food transportation option.

The Alfresco boxes are sturdy enough for stacking and transport.

Assorted sizes are now in stock and are available in carton quantities.

GD Products stock the complete range of colour coded cutting boards in various size and thickness

The range of polypropylene cutting boards are coloured to prevent cross contamination in commercial kitchens, or use them at home and colour code them to your decor.

GD Products also stock cutting board racks to allow your cutting boards to dry hygienically.

Drying/storage racks are available in a durable black plastic or the chrome plated 6/10 style.

Come in store now to view our range.

Earth Friendly Choices are a necessity in todays fragile environment. GD Products are now stocking a range of Environmentally friendly food take away options.

Our Eco Occasion cutlery sets are part of our new products. complete with knife, fork, spoon and napkin in a hygienically sealed, environmentally friendly and recycled paper pouch.

Cutlery included  helps promote responsible forest management and all items are compostable.
Overall a fantastic range and well priced!


Black Iron Frypans are perfect for fast cooking and even heat distribution, loved by Chefs worldwide!

Black Iron pans improve with age when treated with care and can last for many years. Pans will dull to a black colour, but this improves cooking, flavours, and, you will find you will need very little fat to cook with.

Our Black Iron pans come with a metal rigid handle, studded at join, which enables pan to be placed under grill or oven.

Available in an Omelette Pan-25cm and the large family size Frypan-35cm, with a price that will surprise for such a durable pan.

GD Products has all of your cleaning needs sorted.  GD Products has commercial products to suit all cleaning requirements. Our range of cleaning includes, mops, buckets, signage, chemicals, wipes and cloths, gloves, scourers, bins, bags, and a whole lot more. Our store is open to the public. Feel free to drop in and view our expansive range.

We are located at 63 Old Maryborough Road, Hervey Bay, Qld..

A good Sanitizer is hard to find, but you could use towelettes instead! GD Products has stock of the handy little purse size towelette cloths which have  sanitizing properties.

Keep them in your handbag, car, office desk or wallet. Great for wiping over surfaces or as a towel for cleaning your hands in times of need. Refresher Towelettes contain Ethanol and water and are softer on your skin than some harsh liquid sanitizers.

Now available in a handy pouch of 100, or carton of 1000 for more high demand use! 

As the weather warms up to our favourite Queenland summer days, you’ll find us around the pool, on the deck, in the garden, or picnicing by the beach. The beauty and elegance of glassware and the safety of Polysafe makes this range suitable for all of the above.
Polysafe is the leading polycarbonate drinkware brand in Australia and is sold in over 20 countries worldwide.

Polysafe is the highest quality unbreakable polycarbonate.

Drinking with Polysafe feels just like glass, but without the risk of breakages.

Polysafe is fully guaranteed against cracking and crazing, beautiful to look at and cleverly crafted to provide a strong internal structure that guarantees no cracking or injection bubbles and results in a rigorous long lasting product.

Polysafe is also suited to the Dining out industry, while your guests enjoy drinking from a glass that looks and feels exactly like the real thing, Polysafe shatterproof glasses gives peace of mind. Patrons can’t use them as a weapon; they won’t shatter or break and won’t damage carpet and flooring. Gorgeous to look at, a dream to drink from and a smart choice.

GD Products has stock available across the range, and is suited for all events and occasions.

Pop in to our showroom to view our range..

In an effort to make life simpler in the dining industry in these current CoVid times,  GD Products stock the range of Elag Pochetta napkin sleeves.
These sleeves allow each venue to keep cutlery sanitized and germ free during service. Each Pochetta pouch comes with its own 2 ply napkin already in place. Pochetta offers a very finished cutlery pouch, with no need to wrap or fold cutlery, just add cutlery to pouch.

Elag Pochetta pouches are in stock now in a carton of 250, ready to use, at GD Products. Colour availability at the moment is limited, however, the natural colour of “Champagne” is neutral and will match all decor. Contact us for pricing.

GD Products has a full range of cutlery, from budget to elegant dining options. 

Every table setting will be complete when presented with the right cutlery. Choose from an everyday range for all the family or something a little bit special for an occasion to remember
  • Table Knife
  • Table Fork
  • Dessert Spoon
  • Dessert Knife
  • Dessert Fork
  • Teaspoon
  • Soda Spoon
  • Fruit Spoon
  • Fish Fork
  • Cake Fork
  • Fruit Fork
  • Oyster Fork…plus so many more styles, designs and ranges to choose from. Cutlery is available in bulk quantities and  starts from as little as $5.50 per dozen ( Melbourne teaspoon)

” Laser” Laundry liquid is a soft talc fragranced liquid laundry detergent. Laser can be used in top or front loaders and in hot or cold water. Laser is available in 1lt, 5 litre or 15 litre quantities, and available to commercial and residential customers. Laser is economically friendly and can cost as little as 16c per wash. IN STOCK NOW!

Nearly every colour of the Rainbow. Our range of Bevande teapots will add a splash of colour to all tabletops. Choose from 350ml, perfect for one cup, or 500ml and invite a friend. 

An included strainer basket in the designs makes for the perfect cup of tea..

The Bevande Range from TRENTON includes cups, saucer, mugs and serving platters, great for cakes, sandwiches, finger food. View the range via the link TRENTON .

The colour range is exciting, the style is modern the idea is comfort! 

GD Products stock a large range and a wide variety of chemicals, available to the public and commercial business’s right here in Hervey Bay. Our range includes floor to ceiling cleaning products with proven track records and reliable and efficient properties. Many large business’s’ in Hervey Bay and the Wide Bay region are happily using our chemicals to clean, sanitize, deodorize, disinfect and promote good hygiene, thus keeping and creating germ free areas.  We also have a large list of returning residential customers who have continually supported us while being impressed with our range of cleaning products for their homes. Pop in store to view our range, we offer helpful advice on the best product for you

GD Products recycles our 1lt and 5lt bottles and 15lt drums, to reduce wastage and protect the environment.
ALL of GD Products chemicals have Saftey Data Sheets if required at point of use.

Safety Data Sheets


SOAP....Still the best way to beat the germs…!!

Our Pearl Liquid Hand soap contains Lanolin which keeps skin soft, even after continual use. Pearl has a fresh soft coconut fragrance and can be used regularly in both commercial and residential areas. A soap dispensing unit which allows top up with liquid soap can be used with Pearl and is an option for dispensing soap economically. Soap Dispensers are in stock now!

Pearl Liquid Hand Soap is available in 1 litre, 5 litre and 15 litre quantities.

ECO CANE…. The BEST sugar cane solution there is…

GD Products now have stock of the new Bagasse Sugar cane range for food takeaway solutions.


Bagasse is the sugar cane pulp remaining which is used in many different industries, a very eco friendly, planet friendly product with a mulitple of uses including the Takeaway food industry. Contact us for very economical pricing.

The Eco Cane Bagasse Range includes burger and meal clams, as well as bowls and trays with lids as an option..





GD Products are proud to be stockists of the Chef Inox range of Profile Non Stick Fry pans.This range of Non stick pans offer a Lifetime Warranty on a superior TEFLON non stick coating.

The Chef Inox range is a commercial grade durable pan which has a Teflon Platinum non-stick interior. An aluminium body allows for even heat distribution. The pans are completed with a riveted heat resistant epoxy coated handle.

A range of NON stick kitchen utensils complete the range. 



LEMONEX SPRAY & WIPE is a FRESH Lemon scented spray & wipe for all hard surfaces. Great for cleaning bench tops, walls, bathrooms, toilets, refrigerators, freezers and tables. A multi purpose cleaner and sanitizer for everyday use.

Available in 1lt, 5lt, and 15 litre quantities with a recomended dilution rate for cost effective cleaning.


GD Products are proud to be Stockists of the following coffee labels-

Robert Timms


Hervey Bay Coffee


…each with their own distinctive flavours and aromas, including milk chocolate, molasses, rich chocolate, sweet toffee and citrus twist. GD Products stock a coffee to suit ALL tastebuds. Available in 1kg fresh fragrant beans across the brands. Prices start from just $30.00 per kg.


download (2)
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Huge range of selected Long sleeve Global Chef  Jackets

Assorted Sizes, black and white available..




$20.00 EACH



GD Products supplies to Hospitality, Health, School Commercial and Industrial business’s on the Fraser Coast and Wide Bay areas..

Stock has arrived of Hand Sanitiser. The perfect Sanitiser for desktops, counters and areas where you may need to offer patrons an option for immediate use and assurance of Safe Workplace practices.

Available in 500ml bottles ($15.00) and also the handy 50ml Purse size pack ($6.00) to carry anywhere.

Kills 99.9% of germs and dries quickly. This product contains Aloe Vera and Glycerin to help skin remain soft and to help avoid the drying out effect other Sanitisers  may cause.

*A Safety Data Sheet is available  on request.



GD Products now has stock of our Rapid Kill Surface and Utensil Sanitiser. Rapid Kill is effective when used on surfaces and utensils after cleaning. Rapid Kill is an AIR DRY Sanitiser and should NOT be wiped after spraying.

Clean surfaces with a Spray and Wipe cleaner and then spray Rapid Kill on all surfaces where human contact or interaction is imminent, including, high chairs, table tops, chairs, benches, hand rails and door handles.  Allow to dry.

  • The main difference between sanitizers and disinfectants is that sanitizers reduce the number of germs on a surface whereas disinfectants kill most of them.
  • Sanitizers usually work faster than disinfectants, which is ideal when time is of the essence. 
  • Sanitisers can be used where food is prepared or served.
**Safety Data Sheets are also available for this product.

Rapid Kill is available in 1lt, 5lt and 15lt quantitites.



Need equipment for the Perfect Home Bar? We have a vast range of Barware Equipment to suit Novice to Professional. Mix, Shake, Stir, Serve….

And for something totally decadent, visit the Monin Syrup website for some amazing flavoured recipes. Alcoholic or Non-alcoholic, the choice is yours! Your imagination is the limit..




  • 15 ml Butterscotch syrup
  • 40 ml whisky (scotch, canadian)
  • 40 ml cider, dry

Capacity: 300 ml

Garnish: apple slice


  1. Combine ingredients in a glass filled with ice cubes
  2. Stir
  3. Serve



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We think its Pizza weather!. GD Products has all the Pizza pieces you will need to create the perfect Pizza. Come in store to view our range, the only hard decision is what are you going to top your Pizza with!! ..and we’ve added a great pizza dough recipe to get you started!

  • 2 cups plain flour
  • 8 g dry yeast
  • 1 tsp caster sugar
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 2 tbs olive oil
  • 3/4 cup lukewarm water
  1. Combine dry ingredients in a large mixing bowl and add oil and water.
  2. Mix to a soft dough.
  3. Knead on a floured surface until soft and pliable.
  4. Return to the mixing bowl and cover with cling wrap and leave in a warm spot for 30 minutes. The dough should double in size.
  5. Once it has risen, ‘punch’ the dough once to remove any air bubbles.
  6. Remove from the bowl and knead gently for 1 minute.
  7. Roll the dough out to desired size and add favourite toppings.
  8. Cook for 20 minutes, or until dough has cooked through.


Gd Products now has stock of both Disposable gloves and Face masks. GD products is open to the public and offers affordable pricing to everyone.


GPC-51 is a Cleaner, Degreaser and Sanitiser. GPC-51 is not a NEW Product, but one which has been manufactured for over 20 years. GPC-51 is Asthmatic Safe and overlooked at times because of its NO FRAGRANCE formula, which makes it ideally suited to areas which require no or low scent cleaners. “Just because it smells nice, doesn’t mean its clean!’ GPC-51 is suited for cleaning all hard surfaces, floors, ovens, bathrooms. A great all round cleaner. Available in 1 litre, 5 litre and 15 litre quantities.


Assassin Commercial is a Disinfectant with a soft Lemon scent. Use Assassin Commercial where a high level of hygiene is required. Assassin Commercial is part of GD Products range of disinfectants  and cleaners  which have become a necessity, in both households and business alike. Assassin Commercial is available in 1 litre, 5 litre and 15 litre quantities. IN STOCK NOW!