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GD Products are a Hospitality, Catering and Cleaning Supplier and we are pleased to offer our competitive pricing to everyone.


GD Products are the largest manufacturer and supplier of chemicals in the Fraser Coast region.

GD Products manufacture cleaning chemicals on site and all chemicals can be purchased in minimum 1 litre quantities


buy in bulk and save with 15 litre drums

SDS information can be downloaded through our Chemical list, please select the chemicals of use and you will find the corresponding SDS

 Contact us for information on the products you require or any other query you may have regarding GD Products and our range

Food Standards Australia New Zealand

Food Standards Australia New Zealand are constantly updating policies and procedures for the health and safety of customers and patrons. It is the responsiblity of business’ whose practice involves food handling to keep themselves informed of any changes or updates to the regulatory handling of food. Please follow the link to ensure your practices of food handling meet current Australian Regulations. 

Food Standards Australia .
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