GD Products offers some of the most up to date table china and crockery available in the hospitality industry. Casual dining, Casual elegance, up to top end dining and beyond. We help to make your table look “just right” with the perfect presentation pieces, platters and serving ware. Basic white crockery is still en trend and our range would complete any service.

Our crockery and china range moves with the seasons, style and fashion. Suppliers such as Trenton International and Tomkin Australia offer the best commercial products to suit small business to major business, such as pub, clubs, hotels, motels and large hospitality complexes. 

We are pleased to direct you to their websites, so you can see for yourself the ranges on’ll be pleasantly surprised and excited as we are, to be able to view our favourite suppliers and leaders in commercial tableware.¬†

Please direct ALL enquiries and pricing requests to GD Products  HERE