We offer coffee beans from some of the best known coffee houses, along with new and exciting ranges, that are a must try.

Our range also includes the popular gluten free Bondi Chai brand, a tasty creamy and spicy Chai Latte, enjoy hot or cold. For more product information and yummy recipes, take a look at Bondi Chai
Retro Coffee uses “A” grade beans exclusively, sourced from regions around the world. A highest quality product, first time every time and supplied to us from a ‘local’!.

Grinders coffee offers a Classic Blend with flavours of molasses, milk chocolate and caramel. Roasted in Lygon St. Melbourne, the coffee capitol of Australia, you can be assured the flavour and experience are certain to tantalise your coffee taste buds and hit you with a tasty caffeine high.


 Grinders Drinking Chocolate is rich, dark and luscious and flavoursome hot chocolate drink. Its low density particles make it suitable to use as a chocolate topper for cappuccinos. This product is GLUTEN F

Taboo Premium drinking chocolate is ‘sinfully delicious’ and has a flavour which lingers in the mouth and is sure to satisfy the most discerning  chocolate lover. Blend with hot milk for a silky texture and delicious treat.
The House of Robert Timms  is a well known brand that arrived in Australia in 1890. Offering the absolute premium in taste and freshness from an iconic Australian brand.
ARKADIA Golden Latte is caffeine Free and Gluten Free, as well as being Vegan  friendly.  A delicious Turmeric blend, perfect with warmed milk, or try soy milk for a delicious creamy flavour.


Monin Syrups have some of the finest flavours you can find in a natural syrup. Please view their website for some of the most exciting recipes and blends. GD Products offers the most popular flavours including Hazelnut, Vanilla and Macadamia.

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