Glassware can be very overwhelming, the choice is vast. Whether it be for Red Wine, White wine or Champagne, there is a glass designed for every drinkable liquid. Does the glass need to be warm, cool, wide, fat, skinny….does it feel comfortable when you hold it, should it be an accurate and specific measure?

GD Products stock some of the most well known and popular glassware such as Crown, Pasabache, Libbey, Stolze, Bormioli Rocco, Duralex to name few…

GD Products offers an array of glassware right here in our store…and if your looking for something a little bit more special, please visit our preferred Suppliers via the links provided below. If its glassware you need, then it is glassware you shall have!

Trenton Glassware

Tomkin Glassware

Ken Hands Glassware

Please direct all glassware enquiries to GD Products HERE